Spring Wreath!

Spring Wreath.
Spring Wreath.

Hi there! I’m Juliana and this my first post. I have been postponing all this blogging idea for a long time now and as part of overcoming this I just gave myself an ultimatum.

Well then, after waiting what it felt FOREVER for spring… It is finally here! yeiiiiii I’m so excited and I wanted to celebrate it with a little something for my front door.

This wreath is very easy. You just need yarn of all the colors you want. Even if you just choose two colors, you just will need 1 count of each. That will be more than enough.

CanonAbril_14 080

I used 5 colors, one wreath, ribbon and a wooden letter. added to this materials, and my four-year-old boy hand, I also used yellow acrylic paint, hot glue, and also staple a little bit of the ribbon. we’ll get there!

CanonAbril_14 087This is the starting knot, I tried to do it real tight so it wouldn’t move as I wrap the yarn around the wreath. It has a double knot.

CanonAbril_14 090

At the time you are wrapping the yarn around. you need to make sure the colors follow a pattern and also you need to tighten it as you go. This will help your wreath to have a nice spacing and the green background won’t be seen.

CanonAbril_14 094

This is the final knot. you can also see in the picture part of the started knot. Don’t worry about it, the ribbon will cover it without leaving a nasty appearance.

CanonAbril_14 101The original idea was to wrap the letter in yarn as well (which I did and it was way to much wrapping for one wreath) I decided to paint the wooden letter in a happy yellow. I opened a hole in the letter using the screw-in hook you can see in the picture. After the paint dried I used the hook to hang the letter in the wreath.

Just so you know, after finishing the wrapping you should measure the ribbon to hang the wreath from the door. I used hot glue and staples to fix the ribbon in the wreath and just staples to hang it on the door. Then, I made a bow and with hot glue I added it to the wreath. I wasn’t sure the screw-in hook will hold so I took it out and put some hot glue inside the hole before putting the screw-in hook back in the wreath.

you can use the glue or material that you want to keep the parts together. I wanted to be really sure it wouldn’t blow away. By the time I finished and hanged it on the door, the weather was really crazy and the wind impossible.

CanonAbril_14 105CanonAbril_14 110

And this is how it looks like in SPRING!

I am currently working in a bunch of projects and I will loooove to keep showing you what I can do.

Thanks! and see you very soon 🙂


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